CSHBC Opportunities


CSHBC offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, support for professional development, and a rewarding and engaging environment of continuous evolution.

The College welcomes applications from all qualified applicants for career opportunities listed on this page. Consider working at CSHBC to help make a difference in health care regulation.

Current career opportunities

Deputy Registrar (Job description and application form)


CSHBC has five statutory (or core) committees and four advisory committees that support CSHBC’s mandate in specific areas. The College’s committees are comprised of public representatives, elected Board members, and active or retired RAUD, RHIPs, and RSLPs. Committee members are remunerated in accordance with the Remuneration policy (PDF). For more information about committees, see the Committees page and the CSHBC Committee Framework (PDF).

Current vacancies on CSHBC committees are listed below. If you are interested in participating on committees, please complete the CSHBC Expression of Interest form (PDF) and submit the completed form to the College.

Core Committees 

Discipline Committee

Current vacancies: Public Representative (1); Registered Speech-Language Pathologist (RSLP) (1).

Finance & Audit Committee

Current vacancies: Registered Speech-Language Pathologist (RSLP) (1).

Inquiry Committee

Current vacancies: Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner (RHIP) (1).

Quality Assurance & Professional Practice Committee

Current vacancies: None.

Registration Committee

Current vacancies: None.

Advisory Committees

Certified Practice Advisory Committee

Current vacancies: None.

Communication Health Assistant Advisory Committee

Current vacancies: None.

Examination Advisory Committee

Current vacancies: Registered Speech-Language Pathologist (RSLP) (2).

Governance Advisory Committee

Current vacancies: None.

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